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The short story; just the facts, ma’am:

Who: Miss Fussypants,  a snarky old feminist bitch with a penchant for the twisted.

What: I’m a daughter, sister, mother, wife, etc., as well as a professional author and consultant; anonymous by design.


Geographically: In the Midwest, USA.
Digitally: I Tweet, I Tumbl (NSFW); I used to Stumble.

When: Born in 1964; blogging here at WP starting in 2010.

Why: Because I have things to say now and then that I’d like to say anonymously.

How: Opinionatedly posting on the fly, off the seat of my (fussy) pants.

The long story, or philosophical mission statement:

Among the many great things about the Internet is the ability to express yourself in circles wider than the ripples of your usual circles.  As a professional writer, or author if you prefer, I find myself with more columns and blogs than I care to count, so you’d think I wouldn’t desire another.  However…

For many of us, the Internet has become a noose around one’s neck, a double-edged sword that we fear we will fall upon in disgrace rather than a noble act. We spend so many hours promoting ourselves this way — at the expense of personal freedom.

I presume, because it’s a normal human bodily function that John Grisham has sex; I presume, because our culture is so screwed up about sex, that he has questions, concerns or issues regarding his sex life &/or relationships. But can John Grisham blog or converse about such things on the Internet — as himself? No. I doubt he can. He, and the various folks who make a living off of him, would fear the backlash and it’s economic consequences.

Now I don’t know Mr. Grisham and I’ve never even read one of his works; he’s just an example selected for his white bread mainstream popularity. But rather anyone — any considerate and respectful persons, anyway — should have similar concerns on the Internet.  If we don’t fear professional repercussions, we consider how our actions might affect those near and dear to us. At least until tolerance becomes the norm and we all learn to accept individuals for the vastly complicated, multifaceted, beings that they are.

Now pen names or user IDs might seem to address this overall issue. I have many of them, one for each genre or niche I work in. And to some extent they do assist in this issue of segregating appropriateness. But this process of identifying, culling, segregating and polishing each aspect of ourselves and our work tends to create a disorienting fragmented sense of self, if not a multiple personality disorder.

This blog is an attempt to feel more integrated and whole by allowing for full frontal expression.

There’s another thing… This funny thing that happens as we publish our own thoughts, feelings and works…

We want credit for them. We want to protect our own intellectual property and be recognized as the creator. We do it for ego, we do it to offer proof of what we can do, we do it to get paid. We do it to increase our worth.

And in doing so,we eventually end up outing ourselves, bringing up all the same issues again.

I won’t be doing that here.

So pardon me for not addressing some of your questions, in public or private, and for seeming intentionally mysterious or ambiguous; I just won’t out myself here.

I also make no promises regarding how often I will post, the quality of the posts, etc.; this is all just vomited as it rises in my throat, and that may mean spells of too frequent posts followed by restful periods of quiet. In my other projects, I am dedicated (as much as humanly possible) to maintaining a frequency of publishing, if not a concrete schedule; but that’s for work, reputation, etc. and this is purely for personal needs.

As for why I opted for WP hosted blog, well, WordPress is my preferred publishing or blogging format — and this option is free, which suits the free-form expression ideal entirely.

Prior to this (as I’ve been working on the web for over 12 years), I’ve tried other options, such as publically sharing links (with and without true social networking community options), but found them lacking in expression.  I did try Tumblr (and I still post there — primarily adult images; you’ve been warned!), but found that written posts (mostly called “confessions“) are ignored; they want the eye candy pic posts. Less than satisfied, I thought I’d give this a try.

PS As a paid author, I fully understand copyright and intellectual property; make no mistake, all my works here are protected.

Any quotes used/taken must be properly credited and attributed (on the web, this means inclusion of a link). No publication of any work in full is allowed without my written consent and permission.

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