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Co-Misery Loves Company

December 17, 2010

So I’ve been away for awhile. Normally, I wouldn’t even bother to address it — if anyone cared to ask or whine about it, I’d just tell them to kiss my ass.

[What? Am I paid to talk to you? There are many upsides to self-publishing, but a guarantee of “a blogger blogging” isn’t one of them. You get what you pay for; and since you’ve paid absolutely nothing, I am not compelled to do anything more — or less, when I’m loquacious with the logorrhea — than I feel like.]

But lately I’ve been hanging with my girls, licking our wounds. Now, before you go dreaming of lusty lesbian scenes and making puns about gashes, let me tell you that there’s nothing sexual involved. And it hasn’t even been particularly fun.

…At least not in the usual knee-slapping variety of frivolous gaiety that passes as “fun” for most people.

You see, these women, like myself, are survivors of domestic violence. Along with the boatload of issues you’ve managed to absorb from the various media portrayals (news, talk shows and dramatic tellings alike) you’ve likely clicked to bypass as soon as you recognized the subject matter, there’s a shitload more that we deal with. Especially if you are, as we are, mothers.

[Yeah, I kiss my kids goodnight with this potty mouth.]

Anyway, we’ve long been talking about sharing a place to talk in public about this under-exposed societal disease which threatens the lives of women and children — even after they are separated from their abuser. Naturally, there are plenty of official sites and legitimate organizations covering the issue, and I wouldn’t knock them for nothin’, but we felt there was something missing… Something that would be as beneficial to the public at large as it would be for us, the private at smalls, I guess.

So we’re working on that. Stay tuned, as the saying goes

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